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Feedback from website visitors and members of the Sun.Star publications network were given importance. Their comments can be informative, flattering, heartwarming, heartbreaking, insulting; still they were inputs – solicited or not – worth considering.

New features of the website, like the blog and the online chat, were among their suggestions to make the site more interactive.

When the Sun.Star website started the Sinulog special section in 2002, there was an overwhelming response from visitors with fond memories of their own celebrations of Cebu’s biggest festival. Every year after that, the Sinulog special would have a new feature in answer to visitors’ suggestions: the Sinulog sound bite, the message board where people get to greet friends and relatives here and abroad and, this year, video clips of the solemn procession and the grand parade.<b>(more)</b>


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Instead of goat meat I used spareribs, cut by rib and further cut into smaller slices.


1 kilo spareribs
3 pcs potatoes
2 pcs red and green bell pepper
1 230 grams of Pineapple tidbits
1 500 grams tomato sauce
1 pc onion (sliced)
4 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 cup cooked green peace.

Start cooking. Continue reading

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Seafood Curry

I tried cooking Seafood Curry by Delmonte Kitchenomics. It was delicious and economical. A unique blend of seafood cooking. Continue reading

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School lunches

Preparing lunch for my two kids in school is not an easy task. A lot of considerations have to be made. One is preparation time, nutritional value, taste, looks and availability of ingredients.

I prepare my kids lunch early in the morning so they can bring it with them by the time they leave for school. In planning their meal I try as much as possible to prepare a nutritious and balanced diet for the two growing kids. Continue reading

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Low everything diet

Preparing a meal which is low in salt, sugar, cholesterol, protein can be mind buggling. My father-in-law recently lost his kidney that is why he observes a low protein and low salt diet. He is also diabetic that is why no sugar for him. He also has cardio-vascular problem that is why no fats for him too.

The taste of his food is close to tasteless and he only eats vegetables, fish and chicken sometimes.

He is getting used to it. He loves “utan bisaya” vegetable stew. We also served fish tinola. He already adjusted to his diet and sometimes he really wanted to taste the regular food especially if mama is not around. Continue reading

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Hassle free beefy Sunday

Sunday is market day for me and cooking a sumptuous lunch for the family. But this Sunday was different I didn’t go to the market because I had my marketing the day before. This Sunday was peaceful and pressure free in terms of preparing lunch for my family. I was not beating time. We had grilled fish (anduhaw) and beef pochero.

I had a kilo of beef ribs pressured cook early. When it was done I let it settle and scrape the beef fats floating on top of the stew. Continue reading

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Cooking ampalaya (bitter melon)

I hate ampalaya because it is bitter but I can never forget my elementary school teacher who regularly reminds me to eat vegetables especially ampalaya because it is rich in iron. Its ugly looking vegetable. But I learned ways to cook it a little less bitter and acceptable to my childrens tastebuds.

Thinly slice ampalaya and soaked it with water and salt before cooking. You can prepare it omelet style, salad, as a main dish – ampalaya con carne or ampalaya shake.

Ampalaya omelet

*1 pc ampalaya
* 1 pc egg
* salt
* maggi all seasoning mix
* onion
* garlic

Saute onion and garlic, add thinly sliced ampalaya. Let it simmer and add 1/4 cup of water. When ampalaya is cooked add the well-beaten egg and a dash of maggi all seasoning mix.

Ampalaya Salad

*2 pcs regular sized ampalaya (bitter melon)
*1 tbsp vinegar
*1 tbsp sea salt
*3 tbsp olive oil
*150 g cooked shrimps shelled (optional)
*1/2 tsp granulated sugar
*1 large onion, sliced
sea salt to taste
hard boiled eggs and tomato wedges for garnish

Thinly sliced ampalaya and soak it in water and salt for 15 minutes, then wash well, squeeze dry and place in a salad bowl. Add the shelled shrimps and onion. Prepare vinaigrette, olive oil, sugar, salt and a dash of pepper.

Combine well and refrigerate. You can add sliced hard boiled eggs and tomatoes.

Ampalaya con corne

Cooked the same as ampalaya omelet but instead of eggs add meat.

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